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Frequently Asked Questions
The delivery of you home package can be flexible to suit your needs. Typically the house is delivered in 2 shipments. The first being the framing and the second delivery is the finish materials (ie: siding, soffit, fascia, insulation, drywall and interior finish materials.)
Custom drop-deck trailers are used for delivery to conventional building sites. For remote areas your package may be delivered by barge, train and helicopter or by Hercules transport plane. Homes for overseas delivery are shipped in containers.
Nelson Homes are sold by Authorized Nelson Homes Dealers, located through western and northern Canada, and in western USA. We also deliver homes internationally.
A panelized home is a house package of components, that are built in our climate-controlled factory. It is sent out in sections and assembled on site, by a building contractor. The package includes everything required to take the home to lock-up stage, including: roof trusses, floor system, exterior and interior wall panels (with window and door openings framed in), siding, shingles, insulation, drywall, windows, doors, baseboards, casings, locksets, nails, screws, etc.
A modular home is manufactured in the factory also, but it is sent to you as partially completed units. The home may be sent in 2 to 4 pieces, depending on its size, and then put together on the job site.
An RTM (Ready to move) home is built to completion on our yard, and the entire home is loaded onto a specially designed trailer. The home is delivered to your site and placed onto your foundation. You only need to have the electrical and plumbing hook-ups installed. RTM’s come with cabinets, floor coverings, paint, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and even the light bulbs.
The answer to this question lies within the person who is asking it. Building a home can be a relatively simple undertaking, or a highly sophisticated and complex project. Any person who is considering building their own home, should ensure that they have the expertise and capability to accomplish the task set forth. Your panelized home package will come with a Builder's Guide, and Nelson Homes has a Help-Line with qualified people on hand to answer all your construction questions pertaining to our Home packages.
Yes, any of our floor plans can be modified to suit your needs. You can change room sizes, windows, exterior finishes, add a fireplace, garden doors, home theatre room…the options are only limited to your imagination! We have talented designers who will help customize your floor plan.
The warranties on the products used in your home vary depending on the product in question. Nelson Homes warranties and guarantees all of the precision manufactured components that we manufacture. For example, the roof trusses and wall are guaranteed to be exactly as the blueprints show they will be. All remaining products have warranties by the supplier of each product. A Warranty Guide, a complete list of all warranties is provided with each home we deliver.
Nelson Assurance Of Excellence:
"Nelson Homes will ensure that all precision manufactured components will eithermeet or exceed the high standards of quality set by the National Building Code.
We will promptly deliver the material required to build your Nelson Home based on the specification outlined in your order.
The Nelson Homes Assurance of Excellence is our promise to you of our total commitment to the creation of a new home for you and your family."
However, if there is a shortage or damage, with a quick call by you to our Authorized Dealer, Nelson Homes will arrange to reship or replace the product in question as quickly as possible to get you on your way to building your dream home.
Customer Comments
I have had the privilege to construct a Nelson Home in Iceland. The panels made the job quick and easy. Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Your detailed packing list, prints and materials where second to none. Having all materials and fasteners on an overseas project is a must; you score 100%. These items are very expensive to purchase overseas and can quickly drain you of your profit. The end result was a beautiful house to turn over to the client. This house has since been sold; it wasn't built for resale, however; a knock on the door and an offer they couldn't refuse prompted a sale. The former owner will be building another home in 2006; of course Nelson Homes is her first choice.
Robert G Henderson